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Niche Software PO Box 2554 Seal Beach,California 90740-1554
(Descriptions from bbs/shareware cd-rom listings. All programs for MS-DOS/DOSBox)
A Matter of Ethics (1991) dl

Ethics awareness kit educational seminar on ethics vga required

Work - A Training Kit for Service Business (1991) dl

Service Training Shell for Teaching Employees About Customer Service

Jubilee (1992) dl

Training and writing exercises for students using famous events and explorations.

Parables & Parabolas (1992) dl

[…]is an interactive lesson in moral sensitivity aimed at teenagers. It asks several confidential questions involving teen-oriented situations, then provides recommended parables derived from authors such as Kafka, Casteneda, and Kierkegaard. Requires at least a 286 machine with VGA, and DOS 3.3+. A hard disk is recommended.

Math Lady (1992) dl

Explorations in Iterations. This is a ‘math inspirational’ product intended as a supplemental aid or a high school classroom with motivated students of above average ability who are completing trigonometry.

README.DOC: She’s a math lady…She’s a math lady…She’s sassy and she’ll help youvisualize some mathematical concepts.She’ll inspire you with remarkableiterations from Cantor,Zeno,Piet & others

Japanese Business Culture - A Tutorial (1992) dl

educational course

Angst: An Exercise In Urban Survival (1992) dl

Experience the LA recession without being there. Find out what the new objectives are now that the Peace Dividend is here. Navigate with the click of a mouse through this adventure.

Matrix Genie and the Carpool Game (1993) dl

[…]shows the mathematics of carpooling. What happens if each month 3% of solo drivers were to switch to carpooling? This tutorial provides a method to mathematically predict the long term results of behavior changes. Animation, morphing and anecdotes about carpooling are included. Requires VGA, DOS 3.3+ and a hard disk.

X - The Game of Unknown Love (1993) dl

[…]is a graphic math game that supplements traditional curricula for algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Students must solve for X to get a date. You can choose from story problems such as Carphone and When Snails Collide.

Niche Software
PO Box 2554
Seal Beach,California 90740-1554

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